Be the Host Who will be Remembered for Life with Marley Spoon this Christmas

It’s been quite a wonderful experience when you are hosted with lots of goodies and munchies in front of you on Christmas. This is everyone’s desire to prepare a feast which can make everyone invited to their place be happy. The presentation, layout and most of all the taste of the dish counts a lot. If the ingredients which you need are provided to you healthy and fresh and they are complete ingredients without missing on any one then this is an achievement on your part. Marley Spoon promo code has been one of the source of getting this satisfaction which everyone needs while preparing meal. For more information and promo codes visit:

The following bring down the listing of the dishes which can be set on your table making all your guests be pleased with what has been provided to them. These dishes have been traditional ones yet everyone wants to enjoy them on Christmas.

Cold Turkey or Ham

The season of festivity make everyone recall the taste of succulent turkey and ham. The making is quite easy which mainly focus at the marination. The meat is left to marinate for a day or two and it cooks on a very slow heat to make sure that everything is perfectly cooked. Marley Spoon is that one place where you can get everything to prepare you cold turkey or ham and let the table be set in a different way this Christmas. The huge turkey of ham is directly provided to you from the farm with it being as fresh as possible. The spices and wine to be put in while marinating is all available at the store taking care of all the needs of the customers.

Seafood and Salads

Bring huge difference on your table by dishing out prawns and fish for Christmas Eve dinner. The juicy prawn tossed and fish all sautéed in little seasoning and salads to go with it makes the extravagant dinner a perfect one. Fresh availability of the seafood and green vegetables and fruits from the store makes sure that everything provided is what the customer has been looking for along with the seasoning and new spices.


It is one of the meringue dessert which is quite light inside and can have the option to go with it that is fruits and whip cream. Your search of eggs, caster sugar, vinegar, corn flour, and vanilla essence will definitely be available to you with all freshness added to it.

White Christmas

If you are looking for rice bubbles, cherries, almonds, vanilla extract, desiccated coconut and white chocolate buttons. These are the ingredients for the most delicious White Christmas which will be a major hit when making goodies for the Christmas party. Make everyone turn in to sweet tooth and get the best taste which would have never tasted before.

There are many items which can be made on this Christmas and all the ingredients are available at Marley Spoon. Just make up your mind and get ready to make custard, mince pie, eggnog, trifle, gingerbread in Christmas shape and much more with the help of the offerings at the store.

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