Menulog Titled, Savior of the Day!

It was one of the grandest bank openings I was attending throughout my career. All the invitations had been sent out and all the famous bankers were invited to the lunch on the opening of our new branch in the city. Thanks to Menulog promo codes for what they did, if it wasn’t for them the day would have been ruined. I saw a worried face of the manager of the organising committee and instantly knew there was an issue. I went to him just so that I could help him. He told me that the dessert bar had been accidentally cancelled at the eleventh hour and now there was no dessert available for the guests.

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I was a bit shocked as this was the grandest event for us and how could such a well organized committee make such an immature mistake. I ran to call my wife who was also a dessert expert and told her about the whole scenario she told me she could get her staff ready and help us out with the desserts.

My wife actually runs a dessert shop where people mostly come in for her caramel cupcakes with pineapple topping. She is a regular at Menulog and usually uses their Menulog discount code. I soon realized I was putting everything at stake by making my wife go through this hideously heavy task. She was happy to help and on ordering in bulk she was able to get discount.

The whole idea was to get the dessert bar and desserts delivered in 3 hours, to finish up the whole work, Menulog had to deliver the order in 20 min. If the Menulog delayed the order delivery the result could be very devastating. To my surprise Menulog delivered the order in 18 minutes precisely and also generously gave her a Menulog promo code for further shopping.

It was a day filled with a lot of tension, suspense and nerve wrecking goals. I knew it that I made a poor judgment by burdening my wife but if this worked out it would be great for me. On the other hand if I failed in bringing up the dessert bar I would have to face some serious consequences.

Eventually my wife, god knows how, she managed to get the desserts delivered on time. The dessert bar was ready in time for the guests and the guests loved it. Her cupcakes became an instant hit and everybody loved it.


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