Zalora is the Win-Win Situation for Shoe Lovers

Before the hype of white sneaker started I was already eyeing and planning to buy a decent pair of white sneakers. I wanted my sneakers to be super comfy and at the same time the latest in fashion too. I had searched out a couple of stores and ended up going to Zalora. Firstly my impression that Zalora would be a small sneaker online store was a big mistake; the store was humongous and had a huge range of shoes bags and what not. I stumble upon supersavermama from where I got Zalora Promo code and deals for shopping online here at SuperSaverMama.

Being a first time customer I was given a Zalora discount code, I dug in deep and started searching out the latest models of sneakers bravely as now I could buy an expensive pair of white sneakers, all thanks to Zalora. It almost took me two days to search through the different brands Zalora had and I was quite impressed by the vast range and brands it supported on its store. Eventually I ended up with my first choice of sneakers and opted for a classic white converse.

Done with the shoe selection, I was left with the next hurdle to see if the shoe would really fit me as I have slim feet, so bulky shoes like these white sneakers end up making my feet look like Ronald McDonalds. To my amazement not only was I given a pair to try on and return if it doesn’t fit me, but I was also given a Zalora promo code which I could use the next time I wanted to buy something.

Keeping every plan aside I really knew that Zalora was spoiling me. I with the help of this coupon code was able to pin some ideas and tried a bit of the outfits available at Zalora. I like wearing simple tops with little or no embellishments and have a liking for stripes.  The tops I ordered were a perfect fit. I remember wearing it to a small lunch get together and it became the talk of the day. I have been able to shop on a regular basis now due to the ample Zalora coupon codes I got.

I feel every customer wants to be treated specially by the stores and I guess Zalora really knows how to keep their customers happy. I hope you can try using Zalora so that you really understand my excitement when am talking about Zalora and their products.

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